Red Velvet The 3rd Album "Chill Kill" release commemoration! A giveaway campaign has started where you can win a signed album exclusively for LINE MUSIC members!

Among those who listened to the title song "Chill Kill" of Red Velvet The 3rd Album "Chill Kill" on LINE MUSIC, 5 people will by drawing lots to receive a CD "Chill Kill" autographed by Red Velvet. Masu!
Please read the participation method and campaign notes carefully, and apply within the campaign period!
Campaign implementation period
2023/11/13 (Mon) 18:00 - 2023/11/19 (Sun) 23:59
Application form input period
2023/11/20 (Mon) 0:00 to 2023/11/26 (Sun) 23:59
5 people will be by drawing lots to receive a CD “Chill Kill” autographed by Red Velvet!
way to participate
STEP① Become a LINE MUSIC paid member
(*1 month free trial available when registering for the first time)
STEP② Listen to Red Velvet “Chill Kill” (song from Red Velvet The 3rd Album “Chill Kill”) on LINE MUSIC.
Click here for the song
*Please make sure that the number of plays is displayed in the [“Your Name”’s TOP 50] section of the ranking page in LINE MUSIC.
STEP③ Check that the number of views is displayed in the [“Your Name”’s TOP 50] item, and then During 11/20 (Monday) Take a screenshot of the screen.
STEP 4: Complete the application by entering the required information on the application form along with a screenshot of the screen within the application period!
Application Form
*Applications must be submitted using Google Form. If the login screen appears, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please log in with your Google account and enter your information.
*After entering the required information, click "Submit" at the bottom of the form, and the message "Answer recorded" will be displayed, and your application will be complete. Please note that no application completion email will be sent.
Notes about this campaign
*The announcement of the winners will be replaced by the shipping of the benefits. (Shipping is limited to Japan only)
*Please note that we will not contact you regarding the winning or losing results.
*Bonuses are scheduled to be shipped after December 2023.
*You can check your own number of plays on LINE MUSIC's "Top Page" ⇒ "Ranking" from the tab below.
*If "Your Name's TOP 50" is not displayed, the number of songs played on LINE MUSIC in the past three months may be less than 20, or the LINE MUSIC app may not have been updated to the latest version. There is a gender. Additionally, rankings are reflected the next day and updated once a day/irregularly.
*If the number of seconds per playback is too short, it may not be counted as one playback.
*When "9999+" is displayed in the number of plays, it is the upper limit.
*Playback in preview mode, which is available to free members, is not counted. Only paid members or members during the first month free period will be reflected in the number of views.
*When playing offline (downloaded and saved), the number of plays will be reflected when switching to a communication mode such as a Wi-Fi environment. Please note that it may take some time for the changes to be reflected.
*Communication costs and monthly LINE MUSIC membership fees related to using this campaign are to be borne by the customer.
*Winning rights cannot be transferred to a third party, exchanged for cash, or changed.
*The number of plays displayed is from 2023/11/13 (Monday) 18:00 to 2023/11/19 (Sunday) 23:59.
*To participate in the campaign, you need to register as a member of LINE MUSIC (1 month free trial available when registering for the first time)
*It will be counted as long as you play it, whether you download it and play it (offline) or play it in airplane mode.
Regarding the application form
*The personal information you enter will be used only for this campaign. Once the campaign ends, it will be promptly destroyed in a form that cannot be restored.
*Please note that if you do not fill out the application form by the input deadline, it will be invalidated.
*If it is determined that there is fraudulent activity, such as consecutive applications by the same person using multiple accounts, the application may be invalidated without prior notice.
*Please note that we are unable to confirm or change the details of your application after it is completed.
*We are unable to make any changes to the information entered in the application form after it has been submitted. Even if information is sent more than once, only the first transmission will be considered valid information.
[Contact information]
Avex Customer Support
Business hours 11:00-18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
*E-mails are accepted 24 hours a day, but we will respond sequentially during business hours. Thank you for your understanding in advance.