Red Velvet The 3rd Album "Chill Kill" pre-order starts at mu-mo SHOP /Weverse Shop JAPAN with exclusive original benefits!

Red Velvet 's 3rd album "Chill Kill" will be released!
Original benefits exclusive to mu-mo SHOP /Weverse Shop JAPAN have also been decided, and pre-orders have started! Don't miss out on valuable limited benefits that you can't get anywhere else!
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Single item purchase bonus: 1 original trading card (all 5 types random)
5 version set purchase bonus: 1 sticker (all 3 types random)
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Single item purchase bonus: 1 trading card (all 5 types random)

*The design of the bonus will be released at a later date.
*Purchase bonus size (common to trading cards and stickers): 55mm x 85mm
*The <5 version set purchase bonus> sticker is mu-mo SHOP exclusive benefit.
*If you would like to receive the <5 version set purchase bonus> sticker, please purchase the <<5 version set>> of the following eligible products at mu-mo SHOP. If you add each item to your cart individually, you will not be eligible for set benefits.
*If you purchase the <<5 version set>>, you will also receive 5 original trading cards (all 5 types randomly) as a bonus when purchasing a single item.
*Please note that the number of products and benefits is limited, and sales will end as soon as the planned number is reached.
<Target products>
Released on Monday, November 13, 2023
■The 3rd Album “Chill Kill” (Bag Ver.) (First press limited) ¥4,566 (tax included)
■The 3rd Album “Chill Kill” (Package Ver.) ¥3,012 (tax included)
■The 3rd Album “Chill Kill” (Photo Book Ver.) ¥2,949 (tax included)
■The 3rd Album “Chill Kill” (Poster Ver.) ¥2,078 (tax included)
■The 3rd Album “Chill Kill” (SMini Ver.) ¥2,265 (tax included)
■≪5 version set≫ The 3rd Album “Chill Kill” (Bag Ver.) (Package Ver.) (Photo Book Ver.) (Poster Ver.) (SMini Ver.) ¥14,870 (tax included)
*The 5 version set is not sold at Weverse Shop JAPAN.
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We plan to start shipping from early December 2023 onwards.
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