"Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V in JAPAN", additional seats will be sold due to the opening of equipment seats

Thank you very much for all the applications for "Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V in JAPAN".
After assembling the stage set and actually inspecting the site, it was decided that part of the equipment seats could be opened.
Special first-come-first-served reception will start from 20:00 on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

May 3, 2023 (Wednesday / holiday) Pia Arena MM Open 16:00 / Start 17:00
May 4, 2023 (Thursday / holiday) Pia Arena MM Open 16:00 / Start 17:00

*Opening and starting times are subject to change.
* Cast members are subject to change without notice. Please note.
* Joy will not appear in this performance.

■ Ticket price
<All seats reserved> ¥12,800 (tax included)
<Stage side seats> ¥12,800 (tax included)
<Standing (specified standing position)> ¥12,800 (tax included)

* Up to 4 tickets per application
* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter
*Recording/recording equipment (mobile phones) is prohibited
* Prohibition of resale for commercial purposes

●Stage side seats
*Because of the seats on both sides of the stage, there is a high possibility that you will not be able to see the performance and video on the main stage.
In addition, it may be difficult to hear the sound, and the sound of the equipment may be a concern.
Feelings of being unable to see, having difficulty hearing, or feeling anxious will vary from person to person.

● About standing (standing position designation)
*In some cases, it may be difficult to see the production.
There are individual differences in the feeling that it is difficult to see. Please note.
*Please check the details of the designated standing position at the venue on the day.

<Additional seat first-come-first-served>
Reception period: May 2, 2023 (Tuesday) 20:00-2 hours before each performance opening
■ Reception URL:

*For details such as performance information and precautions, please check the above site before applying.
* Since it is on a first-come, first-served basis, the reception will end as soon as the specified number is reached, so please apply as soon as possible.
*Please note that the payment method for this reception is only credit card.

★Notes when applying for tickets★
◆This performance will be held at the accommodation rate under the instructions of the local government, including the new coronavirus infectious disease control guidelines and the venue.
If there is a change in the new coronavirus infection control guidelines at the time of the event, we will hold the performance in accordance with the information and guidelines each time.
*No cancellations, changes, or refunds can be made after purchasing tickets for any reason whatsoever. Please note.

■ How to receive tickets
Smartphone application "AnyPASS"
* A smartphone compatible with the smartphone application "AnyPASS" is required to receive it.
*Tickets can only be received from the terminal with the mobile phone number registered in the mobile phone number column of the customer information at the time of application.
Please do not change or cancel your mobile phone number until the day of the performance as tickets cannot be received with other mobile phone numbers.
There is no problem in changing models with the same phone number.
*For this performance, each person will be required to bring one ticket to enter, so please use AnyPASS to distribute the tickets to your companions.
When the accompanying person receives the ticket, the accompanying person must also download AnyPASS and register for use (free).
When applying, please make sure that all the participants of this performance have a smartphone with the following compatible OS and SMS authentication available before applying.
*If you purchase multiple tickets for the same performance date and time with the same name and phone number, you will always have one ticket for each purchaser.
Remaining tickets can only be used by the purchaser.
Please note that other people cannot use or enter.
* Only if the accompanying person is a minor and does not have a compatible smartphone, please enter after presenting an ID, providing information such as name and contact information, etc. on the day of the performance. is possible. Admission will be permitted only after the applicant and all accompanying persons are present.
If you do not show your ID, you may not be able to enter if you are not a minor. Please note.
Details will be announced to purchasers when tickets are issued.
Please download the smartphone application "AnyPASS" from the following.

[When using an iPhone] App Store
[For Android users] Google Play

■Supported OS
iPhone: iOS 12 or later
Android: Android 7.0 or later (*excluding some models)

■ What is SMS authentication?
SMS authentication (login with mobile phone number) is a mechanism for personal authentication using SMS (Short Message Service).

AnyPASS official website ( and AnyPASS official video ( confirm.


★Precautions when visiting★
◆This performance will be held in accordance with the guidelines created based on the government's "Basic Policy for Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases". Please be sure to observe the following.

・Please wear a mask while watching the performance.
・With the easing of restrictions on holding events, there are no particular restrictions on cheering during performances as long as you wear a mask. However, please enjoy the performance with consideration such as not to disturb the viewing of the audience around you.
・Please stand or sit in your seat during the performance. It is prohibited to leave your seat, run forward, lean forward, etc., and act in such a way that the distance between the customers on the front, back, left, and right becomes closer.
・Please remain seated until the staff instructs you to leave after the performance to avoid congestion at the exit.
・Please check the announcements in the venue again on the day of each performance.
*No cancellations, changes, or refunds can be made after purchasing tickets for any reason whatsoever. Please note.

■ Flow of admission ■
①Please be sure to complete AnyPASS registration and ticket issuing in advance, and come to the entrance with the QR code displayed on your smartphone screen.
② We will check the digital ticket at the entrance. Please present the QR code to the staff yourself.

■ Efforts for this performance ■
●Tickets for this performance are mainly handled as electronic tickets (AnyPASS). When entering, please operate your smartphone by yourself under the instructions of the staff.
●We will encourage all people involved in the performance to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and disinfect their fingers.
●We will thoroughly disinfect the handrails, doorknobs, and other places that can be touched in the venue.
●We will thoroughly ventilate the venue.
●We will ensure a sufficient distance between the stage and the audience.
●In places where lining up is required, markers will be installed so that visitors line up at a distance.
●In places where face-to-face contact with visitors is required, we will install acrylic plates and transparent vinyl curtains to prevent droplet infection.
● Disinfectants will be installed in various places in the venue.
●Infection prevention information boards will be installed and patrol staff will call for infection prevention.
●The smoking area in the venue will be closed.
●Bringing in alcoholic beverages, drinking in the venue, and being under the influence of alcohol are prohibited.
●For sales of concert goods and CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays, we recommend that you purchase them online from various official sites to prevent infection.
On the day of the performance, sales inside and outside the venue will be conducted after taking measures to prevent droplet infection by setting up transparent vinyl curtains and lining up sales to prevent crowding.
Please note that there will be no Fan Club Booth for this tour. note that.
●Pregnant women, those who are expected to become pregnant, those with chronic or underlying illnesses, those who find it difficult to act alone, etc. Prioritize the safety of your own body and the people involved. Please consider visiting based on the judgment of.
●We do not accept gifts, congratulatory flowers, stand flowers, letters, etc. for performers. Please note that we will not be able to deliver it directly to members or staff if it arrives at the venue.
●Customers' own support projects outside and inside the venue may interfere with the operation of the performance, so it is prohibited.

■Requests to visitors■
If you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for the new coronavirus infection, or if you have visited or resided in a country or region where the government has imposed immigration restrictions or an observation period after entering the country within the past 5 days. Please refrain from visiting if you have a close contact with someone.
●People with a fever of 37.5°C or higher, cough, dyspnea, general malaise, sore throat, nasal discharge/congestion, taste/smell disorder, eye pain, conjunctival hyperemia, headache, joint/muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea.・Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as vomiting. In addition, alcohol intake may raise body temperature. Please refrain from drinking alcohol before your visit. In any case, please understand that if you have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, you will be refused entry.
●It is mandatory to wear a mask when you visit, and you will not be allowed to enter if you are not wearing one. Please be sure to prepare your own mask.
●When entering the venue, be sure to disinfect your hands with the provided disinfectant.
●Please cooperate with cough etiquette in the audience and lobby.
●Please note that our staff will call out to customers who appear to be unwell. In addition, please understand that we may refuse entry to the venue depending on the situation.

■ Measures against infectious diseases for staff and performers ■
●We will check the temperature and health condition of all staff and related parties.
●If an employee is found to be unwell, such as having a fever, he/she will not be allowed to work.
●To prevent droplet infection, we will work under the mask.
●We will frequently disinfect our hands when entering the venue.
●Performers will also be checked for temperature and health conditions. It is mandatory to wear a mask except when performing.
●In addition, in the event of any incidents, we will immediately cooperate with health administration agencies such as public health centers and nearby medical institutions, and promptly take measures to ensure the health and safety of artists and staff.

We will do our best to ensure that everyone can visit us with peace of mind, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Red Velvet staff