July 4, 2018 release, Red Velvet JAPAN 1st mini album "# Cookie Jar" commemorating the release, venue reservation benefits at "Red Velvet Hall Tour 2018 in JAPAN “Red Room”" has been decided!

July 4, 2018 release, Red Velvet JAPAN 1st mini album `` # Cookie Jar '' Commemorating the release, the venue reservation bonus at `` Red Velvet Hall Tour 2018 in JAPAN “Red Room”'' has been decided!!

< ① Venue limited benefits >
● Venue-limited ticket holder (1 type)
One gift for each customer who has reserved the target product at the venue on the day!
※ We will deliver it together with the reservation product.
* [Osaka] ORIX THEATER performance / [Kanagawa] Pacifico Yokohama National large hall performance will be handed over on the day.

< ② Venue limited by drawing lots benefits >
● Autographed goods gifts (2 people for each performance)
Two people will get autographed goods at by drawing lots from the customer who reserved the target product at the venue on the day!
July 4 Red Velvet JAPAN 1st mini album `` # Cookie Jar ''
■ 「#Cookie Jar」 ※ First Press Limited Edition
AVCK-79478 ¥ 2,484 (tax included)
■ "#Cookie Jar "
AVCK-79479 ¥ 1,944 (tax included)

[CD pre-sale: reservation start time]
2018-05-25 (Fri) [Hokkaido] Exciting Holiday Hall 12:00
2018-05-27 (Sun) [Aichi] 12:00 Ichinomiya Civic Center
2018-05-30 (Wed) [Hiroshima Prefecture] JMS Aster Plaza Large Hall 13:00
2018-06-01 (Fri) [Fukuoka Prefecture] Fukuoka International Convention Center Main Hall 13:00
2018-06-04 (Mon) [Osaka] ORIX THEATER 12:00
2018-06-05 (Tue) [Osaka] ORIX THEATER 12:00
2018-06-07 (Thu) [Kanagawa Prefecture] Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall 12:00
2018-06-08 (Fri) [Kanagawa Prefecture] Pacifico Yokohama National Hall 12:00

* Depending on the congestion situation on the day, there is a possibility that sales / reservations will be started earlier. Please note.
* CD sales are expected to be very crowded during opening and after the concert ends. In addition, even customers who do not have a ticket can use pre-sale, so please use venue pre-sale.
■ Sales / Reservation
All products and benefits are limited. Please note that it will end as soon as the limit is reached.
Please note that the upper limit of the number of reservations (purchase) may be set depending on the situation.
* Reservation (purchase) of "Venue-limited ticket holders" will be carried out until after the show.
* Credit cards may not be accepted depending on the venue. Please note.
* When making a reservation, a separate shipping fee will be charged. For details, please check at each venue.
* The sales method may change depending on the situation on the day. Please note.
■ About by drawing lots
When you make a reservation (purchase) of the target product, the QR code will be displayed on the screen after the order is completed, so please show the QR code to the sales reception staff and reserve (purchase) one target product You can join by drawing lots once at by drawing lots BOX.
Customers who receive "Atari" will receive "Autographed goods" at the reception desk of the reservation booth.
* Please do not transfer or sell autographed goods at auctions.

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