"Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V in JAPAN" Japanese original goods will be released!

"Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V in JAPAN" Japanese original goods will be released!
EC sales will start from 19:00 on 3/24 (Friday).

Red Velvet has a variety of lineups such as acrylic key chains with stands, clear trading cards, and more!
We also have a large lineup of visual goods using photos taken for this time!
Please get it♪

* You can definitely purchase it without being sold out from 3/24 (Friday) 19:00 to SOL (Sunday) 23:59.
Please use online sales to reduce congestion at the venue.
*Some products may be discontinued if orders exceed expectations. Please note.
* After 3/27 (Mon.), it will be SOL out as soon as the planned sales volume is reached.

[ReVeluv-Baby Official Shop] (Limited to e-mail magazine subscribers)
Scheduled to start selling at 19:00 on Friday, March 24, 2023
* After logging in from the above, please purchase from the "ReVeluv-Baby Official Shop".

[mu-mo SHOP]
Scheduled to start selling at 19:00 on Friday, March 24, 2023
(PC/SP) mu-mo

* The sales URL will be effective at the same time as the sales start.

[Delivery schedule]
Sequential shipment from the end of April
*For those who purchased by 4/14 (Friday), it will be delivered by the day before the performance.
*We plan to ship the products to those who purchased them after 4/15 (Sat.), but there is a possibility that the products will not be delivered in time for the performance date.
*Before placing an order, be sure to check the estimated delivery date on the order confirmation page.
*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or refunds even if you do not arrive in time for the scheduled performance date.
*Please note that delivery may be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.
Due to various circumstances such as the recent rise in raw material costs and the impact of the rapid depreciation of the yen, we have raised the prices of some products.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding.

* Depending on the time of day, access to the site may be flooded and it may be difficult to view. Please note.
*The product images shown are images. Please note that the specifications may differ from the actual product.

[Other notes]
*Please check the size chart carefully when ordering.
* Products are scheduled to be shipped sequentially from late April 2023, but there may be differences in the delivery schedule. Please note.
* Depending on the area where the customer lives, it may take some time from the shipping date to delivery. Please note.
* Cancellations or changes cannot be made after purchasing this product. Please note.
* Cash on delivery (cash on delivery) and deferred payment are not available.
* If purchased with other products, it will be shipped separately and a separate shipping fee of 800 yen (tax included) will be incurred. Please note.
*We will notify you by "shipment completion email" as soon as shipping preparations are complete.
*Delivery date cannot be specified. In addition, we cannot answer inquiries regarding confirmation of the delivery schedule.
*Please be sure to check the product, size, and quantity you have purchased immediately after the product arrives.
* If you cannot receive the product due to customer's convenience, the product price cannot be refunded.
* Please check "Inquiries" in the shop for information on sales products, purchase methods, shipping times, etc.

― Venue sales ―
Goods will be sold at the venue after complying with the infection prevention guidelines and thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures.
We will inform you as soon as the details are decided.