“ Red Velvet Hall Tour 2018 in JAPAN “Red Room” ” Goods Released!

Goods sale of “ Red Velvet Hall Tour 2018 in JAPAN “Red Room” ” to be held from May 25th has been decided!
We also sell the following existing products.
■ Pass case ¥ 1,800 (tax included)
■ Smartphone ring ¥ 1,000 (tax included)
■ Choker ¥ 1,200 (tax included)
■ Sock ¥ 1,100 (tax included) * Size: 22-24㎝
■ Hair elastic (5 types) ¥ 600 (tax included) * You can't select members to purchase.
■ Uchiwa (5 types) ¥ 600 each (tax included)

― Venue ―
< Sales schedule and venue >
May 25 (Fri) Exciting Holiday Hall Pre-sale at 12:00
May 27 (Sun) Ichinomiya Civic Center Pre-sale at 12:00
May 30 (Wed.) JMS Aster Plaza Large Hall 13:00
June 1 (Fri) Fukuoka International Congress Center Main Hall 13:00
June 4 (Mon) ORIX THEATER 12:00
June 5 (Tue) ORIX THEATER 12:00
June 7 (Thu) Pacifico Yokohama National Hall 12:00 (scheduled)
June 8 (Fri) Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall 12:00

* Sale time may change depending on the situation on the day.
* Please note that if all products are sold out, they may end earlier than the scheduled time.
* The goods sales during the opening are expected to be very crowded. In order to alleviate congestion, the venue will pre-sell goods before opening. Also, even those who do not have a ticket can use pre-sale, so please use the venue pre-sale.
* Please refrain from arriving at the venue late at night or early in the morning as it may cause inconvenience to the neighborhood and for disaster prevention and safety.
* Please refrain from meeting in the line (sideways) as it may cause inconvenience to other customers. We cannot be held responsible for troubles between customers.
* Also, please be sure to follow the instructions of the venue staff regarding the lineup when purchasing goods.
* Please check the product, size, quantity, and change you have purchased on the spot. Please note that we will not be able to respond to complaints, declarations, or inquiries at a later date after leaving the sales floor in any case. In addition, we cannot perform any defective replacement of products that do not follow the handling precautions, so be sure to check and use them.
* Payment methods are cash and credit cards. Credit cards may not be accepted depending on the communication status at the venue.

< About venue limited campaign >
At the merchandise counter, you will receive one "IC card sticker (4 types)" at the first payment every 5,000 yen! (Up to 4) Look forward to which design hits!

* Please note that the design of the "IC Card Sticker (4 types)" cannot be selected.
* This campaign will be finished as soon as it is gone due to limited quantity.
* This campaign is limited to the goods department on the performance date. Purchases at mu-mo SHOP are not eligible.
* 1 Please note that the total amount of receipts is not eligible for this campaign, as it is subject to accounting.
― EC ―
mu-moshop >
FiveMoon24th Thursday13:00-Scheduled to start sales
Click here to purchase
(PC) Https:. // Shop mu-mo.Net / List1 / 260803004
(MB) Https:. // M-Shop mu-mo.Net / List1 / 260803004

【Please be sure to read it】
* Access to the site may be inundated depending on the time of day, making it difficult to view. Please note.
* Please be sure to check the product, size and quantity you purchased immediately upon arrival.
* Please note that we cannot respond to claims, declarations, and inquiries received later than one week from the delivery date under any circumstances.
* Since we can not replace defective products that occur without following the instruction, please be sure to check the instruction manual before use.
* Delivery at mu-mo SHOP varies depending on the product. Please place an order after confirming the delivery status posted on the "Product Information" page of the desired product before ordering.
* All products are limited in number. Please note that it will end as soon as it is gone.
* Product delivery may not be in time for the scheduled performance, so be sure to check the delivery date on the order confirmation page before completing your order.
* Cancellation after purchase is not accepted, so please be careful when processing.
* Please note that we will not be able to cancel or refund even if it is not in time for the performance.
Online shop limited campaign
"Red Velvet Hall Tour in JAPAN Red Room" goods at mu-mo SHOP
Get a special “IC Card Sticker (EC ver.)” For purchases of 5,000 yen (tax included) or more per purchase!

In the case of 5,000 yen including tax in one accounting: 1 gift
In the case of 10,000 yen including tax in one accounting: 1 gift
* A mu-mo ID (free registration) is required. Purchases after logging in with mu-mo ID are eligible.
Please note that the benefits “IC Card Sticker (EC ver.)” Will not be granted if you are not registered or purchased without logging in.
> Log in here (Link: Https:. // Shop mu-mo.Net / Avx / Sv / Login )
> Click here for mu-mo ID membership registration (free registration) Https:. // Shop mu-mo? .Net / Avx / Sv / Reg2input Jsiteid = Mumo )
* Registration may take some time, so we recommend that you register in advance.
* Shipping fee, gift service fee and various fees are not included in 5,000 yen.
* Only "Red Velvet Hall Tour in JAPAN Red Room" goods are eligible for this campaign.
* Goods other than "Red Velvet Hall Tour in JAPAN Red Room" goods are not eligible for the campaign. Please note.
※ It will end as soon as the benefits disappear. Please note.
* If a privilege is granted, after the order is confirmed, the details of the privilege will be listed on the order number display screen and in the confirmation email for the order. If there is no description, the benefits will end.
* Because shopping cart information is not retained for a long time, the order of granting benefits may change. Please note.
* Please place an order after confirming the delivery status on the "Product Information" page of the desired product before placing an order.